The Jesus Journal

My-Jesus-Journal-1000_largeToday we are back into the swing of things in our homeschool. We are doing six weeks on and one week off at the moment and last week was a very busy week of prepping for the next six weeks for me. Today we are starting a lot of new things thanks to our recent supplemental order from Amazon. I am most excited to be starting the Jesus Journal, from the folks at What's in the Bible.

We have had it for a while and tried it back before we moved. Jayne was a little young for it back then and we didn't make it through the whole thing. Now that he is older I am looking forward to giving it another try. Today is the perfect day to start as a lead up to Easter. If you think you want to try it, you can get the download version and still start today.

MyJesusJournalPreview_largeThis week we are talking about who Jayne is. Next week we will talk about who Jesus is. During holy week we will be remembering the cross. Week 4 will start on Easter Monday (here in Canada) and will be all about how we live a life in Christ. There are some fun bonus materials too and so we will do those the 5th week.

Our family has been big fans of What's in the Bible for a long time. We have the DVD volumes 1-13 which cover information from every book of the bible and the Why Do We Call it Christmas DVD. We also do the Everyday Emanuel book at Christmas. We have really enjoyed the depth that they share in such simple ways that our 7 year old can even understand it.

Well, I guess I better go get started! Have a great week!

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