I cannot believe it, but we are already over halfway through our short term mission trip in Montreal. Nearly seven months flew by very quickly. It is a very interesting time for us right now. We are picking up the pace in our mission work. Filming projects are piling up and ready to be edited. City Church is continuing to grow and looking at adding and changing many areas of ministry. The church planting conference is just around the corner. It is enough to keep us plenty busy.

There is so much more to think about though. In about 4 months we will be returning to Minnesota. There are living arrangements to plan. We will need an income of some sort. There will be packing to start. Plus we will be arriving just in time for the holidays, which will also need to be planned.

If that was not enough, we are also planning our return to Montreal as long term missionaries. That involves more paperwork, applications, and training. There is also deciding on what our long term ministry will be and preparing for another year or two of church visits and support raising.

With all that is on our plate right now, you would think that we were going mad with anxiety and worry. In actuality, god has given us an incredible amount of peace going forward into the next few months. We are feeling patience with all of the processes and none of the rush. Living day by day is starting to be well balanced with planning ahead and that just feels great.

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