Speak Lord: a Book Review

I was really looking forward to reading this book. I love the Psalms, but have never taken the time to study them in any depth. I thought that this would be an excellent chance to study the Psalms and think through how they apply to my everyday life.

There are some things I like about the book. The Psalms held within are excellent of course. There are some great insights on those Psalms as well. I also like that the book encourages readers to listen for and interact with the Holy Spirit.

Unfortunately, the larger part of the book I do not like at all. In the beginning the reader is encouraged to ask the Holy Spirit to retell them a Psalm in the first person and that they should write it down. I think this is a fascinating way that the author is interacting with the Holy Spirit, but it also assumes a lot. I do not know that many Christians that interact with the Holy Spirit at all, let alone in this intimate or very specific way. I have learned over my Christian life that the Holy Spirit interacts with us in the way that is best suited for each person. This is not at all how God guides me through scripture, nor anyone that I know of. That is not to say that it is wrong at all, but I feel that this book will lead Christians to believe that this is a common everyday occurrence. As a missionary in Montreal, there are so few mature Christians and they often need to seek out books to gain additional knowledge and growth. This aspect of the book would likely hurt their spiritual growth if the Holy Spirit does not show them a first person psalm.

I also dislike the sharing of Vic Black's own first person Psalms. While some are inspiring and convicting, some are changed significantly from the original. Along with this, some of the study/reflection exercises include changing the Psalms and imagining them in a different light. God's Holy Word does not need to be changed. It is already written precisely as He intended it to be.

Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book for my review.

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