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We are ordinary people. We love to watch movies and play European board games. We homeschool our only child though we long to have more. We lived in our little house and were content.

We had not planned to be missionaries. A few short years ago, we did not even attend a church. We did our own thing and kept to ourselves. We felt like something was missing and wanted a community for our new baby boy to grow up in. When our son, Jayne, was 3 we found our way to Grace Evangelical Free Church. We fell in love with the church and Christ. The 2 of us dove into the Bible and after a couple of years of intense study, we felt God wanted us to go into the mission field.

A year later He showed us ReachGlobal during a sermon. The site looked great and we felt that it might be a great organization to look into when we decided to make that step. God had other plans for us. One simple question about how the missions process works resulted in our applying. We applied earlier than we had ever planned, but God continues to confirm his plan for us.

God laid the foundation for us in so many ways. We went to school for animation with no idea what we would use our degree for. We won a video camera in an advertising contest that we had no use for. A decade later we are preparing to use our previously unused skills to help people connect with Christ and His Churches. He also surrounded us with new friends and a church family that have been essential to our to our lives and as we prepare to enter the mission field.

God is working in amazing ways through so many ordinary people to see his plan for our family come together. We have had so many surprises! Our house sold in July 2013, even though it wasn't on the market and we continued living in it, as renters, till April 2014. There are people advocating for us as we work tirelessly on support raising. So many people are praying for us as we enter each stage of our journey. We look forward to seeing how God provides for us through people we know and those we don't.

Adam & Michelle

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