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Marble Maze Winner

Here is the result of the randomizer:
Random Integer GeneratorHere are your random numbers: 8 Timestamp: 2011-10-31 19:32:10 UTC
Comment #8 is from: Laurie!

Laurie said...
I also shared this on Facebook! Let's see if any of my friends come!
Friday, October 28, 2011
Congrats on winning the maze! I will get with you to send you your prize.
Thank you to everyone who entered. You may not have one this one, but there will be at least 2 more giveaways during my holiday showcase series, so keep your eyes peeled!

Hot Dog Pre-K Pack

We have 50 followers and, true to my word, I am sharing the hot dog pack! Jayne really loved this pack. It is smaller than I intended but I made it while my computer was on life support, so what I made was all I was going to get. You can find the printables on our facebook page in the Hot Dog pack photo album. The link is here:

Cold and Flu Season

That time of year is quickly approaching. It is time to stock up on 7up and chicken noodle soup. There are so many things that can help during a nasty cold or flu. Today I am going to share the 3 essential in our home, other than soup.

The first are Freezie Sleeves. Jayne does not like pop, so 7up doesn't work for him. He will do pedialyte though and when a fever is involved we go for the pedialyte pops. The downside is that they are darn cold. Plus he is not usually holding the pop himself when he is sick. That means my hands are ice cold. Now I just slip on a freezie sleeve and my fingers are fine and I can focus on my sick kiddo.

Next is the owie fixer. The owie fixer is great for owies, that is obvious. But they are also fantastic for fevers. They are made with 2 layers of flannel so that they don't allow too much cold from the ice pack through. It is a gradual cool down and the fun prints help cheer up a sick and feverish kiddo.

The most important, by far, are the little tis…

Holiday Showcase: The Crazy Elephant

It is that time of year again! Can you believe it is almost the holiday season once again? I am starting off the holiday showcase with my creation, The Crazy Elephant, again. We have had a lot of changes this year and I am still ending the post with a giveaway, so it's all good.
What kinds of fabulous goodies to you carry?
Our focus is on earth friendly products for kids and moms. We have nursing and menstral pads for mom. There are useful kids items like burpcloths, tissues, and lunch bags. I also make playmats and games out of eco felt. There are lots of new goodies this year and more to come as the holidays draw closer. What inspires your work?
Our son, Jayne! He is the reason The Crazy Elephant exists, and how it got it's name. I have always been an artist, but all the sewn and knitted items in our shops came about because of having made them for him first. we decided to share the things we love to use with others. Why is handmade important to you?
There is a …

Homeschool Fun: Pirate

Pirate week was a blast! We read Pirate Pete several times and it is a very cute book. The pre-k pack we used this week was from Homeschool Creations. No formal worksheets this week so it was mostly play and games. Jayne dressed up and went on a pirate treasure hunt with his daddy. They followed the clues that led to his sensory bin. Now, years ago I got a game called Morgan's Revenge. We had not chosen the name Morgan yet, so it was coincidental. Anyway, the game comes with gold and silver doubloons and a top. Technically it is a gambling game but this week it was a buried treasure! Jayne had a blast digging them out and picking them up with his bug tweezers. He took some time to check them out under his magnifying glass too.

The preschool pack came with a board game  that we played every day. Jayne loves games and this one was nice and easy. We used the alphabet cards to play go fish. At the end of the week we recycled a page from a desk top calendar and put all the letters on i…

Water Bottle Craft

I originally found this idea on pintrest, which I recently caved into joining and have found that I love. The pin was from a blog post, here is the link:

The project is so easy and Jayne had a lot of fun picking out mini items and beads to go inside. All you do is fill half a plastic bottle with water, put in all your water safe goodies, fill it the rest of the way, and seal it shut. We put in plastic beads, vintage mini animals (on hand from my mom), and some cut up curling ribbon. You could basically put in anything though, as long as it won't be damaged by the water.
 This is a great craft project to make and worked on Jayne's fine motor skills to make it. It is fantastic for in the car and other quiet times. Jayne suggested making one for the day care boy today; he's nearly 15 months. We don't use things that have bottles very often, so it took about 15 minutes just to find a bottle. We ended up making his out of …

Pad Line Launch

The day is finally here! The new pad line is available, right now, in our shop! This line has been requested and questioned more than any other thing we make. So today I am going to introduce you to our pad line and try to answer every one's questions. If I don't cover some of the information that you were hoping for, please feel free to ask in the comments section or convo me in our shop.

Panty liners
This is the line that got it all started. From the very first listing they took off and quickly became one of our top selling items. They are perfect for light days or to just stay fresh every day. They are made with 2 layers of cotton flannel and a layer of fleece on the bottom to help with grip. They are slightly larger and longer than my Kotex liners and are much more comfortable. They are held in place by your underwear and I have never had mine slide around. I find them so comfortable in fact that I forget I am wearing them. They run about 7.5 to 7.75 inches long, 3.25 t…

Homeschool Fun: Fire Safety

This week's focus was on national fire safety week. The printables from Homeschool Creations were a great compliment to the week. As usual he really liked the activities. He especially likes cut and puzzles, so this sheet was his favorite. I cut the edges to make it a little easier for him and then he cut out all the little squares. He was pretty proud of himself when he got it put together. There is something especially difficult about puzzles with smooth edges. I was a little concerned that it would be too easy since he is used to doing 60-100 piece puzzles, but it turned out to be just right.

On Wednesday, Adam's day off, we did all of our fire safety practice. We practiced our exit plan by setting off the fire alarm in the house. We also did a little stop, drop, and roll practice. Last year I cut a flame shape out of some felt and used it for practice because it would actually "roll" off of him. I couldn't find it this year, so we used our imaginations. We als…

Homeschool Fun: Zoo

This week we worked out of the All About Reading sample work books. This is the reading program I am planning on using next year for Kindergarten so it was great getting a chance to try it out first. It was such a hit! Jayne loved rhyming with Ziggy the zebra as he cooked silly foods and getting to cut out the story cards and arrange them in the order that the story went. We used his Ziggy Zebra beanie baby as Ziggy and he loved that Ziggy talked to him. He will really love the set next year as it comes with a large Ziggy puppet. (Get the sample packs here)
We also did a giraffe art project from our Mailbox book, Day by Day Preschool Plans. It was a super easy project but he still really enjoyed it. Step 1 cut out giraffe shape. Step 2 put brown paint thumb prints all over it. Step 3 let it dry. Jayne hung it up in his room. He was very proud of him little masterpiece.
We also did a scavenger hunt for lights this week as part of his Awana Cubbies curriculum. It was fun going out at dusk…


Jayne had his preschool screening yesterday. He got to play a game where you put on giant headphones and listen to beeps and a game where you read letters from far away. Meanwhile we started to get a little nervous waiting in the entry. He was not done for 1 1/2 hours and it was a little past lunch time when they were ready to give us our results. Now, as we were waiting we saw them putting the pressure on the parents to get their kids in preschool and not many of the parents left feeling very good about their trip. Plus some of the parents got called back to be with their kids and we never did. We found out while we were waiting that the parents were called back to help convince their child to do the activities.
The results were in and we nervously stepped up to the table. For me this was a chance to see how well my teaching skills have gone over the last year and a half. She showed us the things he did well at and he rated as a 4 year old for some of the things, a 5 year old for a l…

Homeschool Fun: Thomas Train

Jayne had so much fun doing Thomas the Train week again that he turned our 4 day school week into 3! The highlight of the whole week was making a troublesome truck. It was the craft activity in the magazine we were working in. He had so much fun and we both worked on it. Jayne did the big parts and I did the toothpicks and face. You can see from the pics that my Zyrtec box and toilet paper roll have simply transformed!  
Next week we are getting a taste of the All About Reading program that we are planning to use for kindergarten next year. I am really excited to see how he likes it!