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A New Year's Show

This morning we got the chance to go to Sesame Street Live: Elmo Makes Music! Adam's parents won 4 tickets and brought Jayne and I. I have never seen him sit so still and quietly in his whole life. The show just left him in awe. Before we went he kept telling me that all the sesame street guys wouldn't be there because they are just make believe. He had changed his tune by the end of the show. We got there before the masses so we found our seats and headed down to the goodie cart to pick out something special to bring home. Jayne picked the glowing, color changing Elmo wand. Then we took his picture next to the Elmo on the booth.
Bert and Ernie came out and said hello when the show started. They told us the letter of the day was J...just like Jayne! Well, you can only imagine how excited Jayne was that the letter of the day at the big show was the same as the first letter of his name. It was almost like the show was made just for him. There were so many fun songs to listen to. T…

Janurary Goals

January is just about here! It is time to see how last months goals went and make some for next month.

Dec goals: Crazy Elephant Paperwork - Check!
                  120 minutes of exercise a week - Check!
                  House purging - The house areas are done, but we still need to hit the garage
                  Making time for Christ during Christmas - Absolutely, if it weren't for him I never could
                  have made it through all the holiday craziness!

Here is what I am working on in January...

*The Crazy Elephant is going to be a big focus for me this month. I want to get Valentine's goodies listed and lots of things sewn. We are also going to work on a new celebration format for our sales. We were going out for burgers when we hit a certain amount of sales and that was it. It was basically a race to see how early in the month we would be able to celebrate. Now we are going to wait till the end of the month and our celebration will be based on our total fo…

Christmas is Done!

I love Christmas, but I am glad the festivities are over! For our family the Christmas festivities last the whole month. For the first time, we got to attend all of them. Adam asked me how I liked it. It was great getting to see every one and most of the food was excelent. Here at the end of a busy month I am not feeling great though. There was SO much food and SO much running around. When I was working there was not that problem because I tend to eat normally when I am not at a party. Thank goodness I became a Zumba addict last month or I would be needing a new wordrobe right about now. I know that the celebrations are not over yet. We have another party to go to on Saturday and the Sunday after that is our anniversary. Plus, the game day we were going to have at our house on Wednesday has been changed to another location which means one more day of travel. There is light at the end of the tunnel though and next week should be reletively normal. I hope everyone had a great Christmas!…

Inspiration Needed!

The last few weeks have been crazy and we have had so many events to go to. One huge problem I am running into is that things have been piling up every week. It seems like no matter what I do I cannot get the house done lately. Yesterday I was not feeling well and took it easy for the day. Sometimes you just have to. Today I have gotten caught up on everything except my old enemy...dishes!

Normally they get done on a daily basis. I wash them and dry them and get them put away. It is a pretty easy job to do, on a daily basis. We have had so much going on this month though that it has been several days worth at a time and with holiday related cooking, it seems like the pile of dishes to do is never ending. I did the dishes on Saturday and now on Friday the whole counter is covered. In our small kitchen it is a cycle of wash, dry, put away. I can get throught the cycle about 3 times before the water is cold, if I am lucky.

I am just having a hard time staying motivated this month. My b…

Stretch It: Kid Space

Okay, so this one isn't about stretching your money. It is all about what we did to make our little guys small space grow bigger. Our son has too many toys! I'm sure, like 100% positive, that I am not the only one whose child has this problem. Heaven help you if you have more than 1 kid worth of toys! I have read so many articles over the year about how kids have too many toys and are way overstimulated by the overabundance. One even said that having too many toys can stifle their creativity. I couldn't get the idea out of my mind.

We have spent a lot of time getting rid of the extra stuff in our house, grown up stuff. We have had less stuff coming in since we don't have commercials to lure us into the stores anymore, but over the years the stuff accumulates. We encouraged Jayne to donate any toys that he didn't use. Since we started in November around the time we got our Operation Christmas Child shoebox put together, Jayne was in a giving spirit and got a rather …

Christmas Letter 2011

I am okay with admitting it...I don't feel like mailing out Christmas cards this year. It isn't that I don't care or am not in the Christmas spirit, I just don't have time or energy for it this year. So I am at least writing up this virtual letter for everyone to enjoy.

A lot has gone on this year! Back in January I stepped down as bra specialist at Victoria Secret which meant that Jayne would be able to stay home instead of being shuffled back and forth to daycare, no easy task with us only having 1 car. It also gave me the opportunity to put more attention on my shop ( In the spring Adam, Mitchiel, Steven, Jayne, and I started training for the 28 mile Tour de Cure ride. I also did several, relatively uneventful, craft shows. We continued riding our bikes all through the summer with frequent rides in to the movie theater for their free shows. We also started attending Grace Church down the road from our house. We really like it the…

Homeschool Fun: Space

Space week has come and gone (last week) but I thought I would share the big art project. Here are the supplies we used: Black construction paper, foamie stickers, lids from various containers, and a stamp pad.
The first part of the project was to make the stamps. It was super easy! Just put the foamie stickers on the lids. I do believe that the lids shown here are from a gallon of milk, a medicine bottle, and BBQ sauce. The space stickers came with his bike decorating set. We also used basic shapes for a previous stamping project.
Part 2 was to have a blast stamping! We used a silver pigment stamp pad. It worked great because you can see it really well on the black paper. It really pops.
Jayne had a great time making his space picture. He even had to make a second one to share with a very lucky grandma.

Moms in Step

This is what I will be doing to get active and socialize a little this winter. If you watch closely you will find my photo in the video 3 times...

Homeschool Fun: Teddy Bear

Teddy bear week was very hands on. Jayne liked that a lot. I took most of the activities from The Mailbox's Preschool Plans Day by Day book. It has lots of great activities and art projects in it. Jayne's favorite was playing teddy bear toss. He even posed with all of his teddies.

He also spent some time playing his Pooh Bear preschool game on the computer while I did some sewing. He seems to be getting the hang of it now. I can tell it is easier to understand the instructions for him now. He got to have a game night with his uncles too and we played the What's in the Cats Hat game, his favorite.