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Holiday Showcase: Our Children's Earth

Today we are visiting Our Children's Earth, enjoy!

Where can we find you?Website:
Ethical Community:

What is life like in your studio?Our studio is full of a huge variety of items. I like to figure out how to make new things so I am constantly coming up with new creations or gifts. Some days, I want to sew so I make our Recycled Sweater Coats or reusable sandwich bags, some days I want to make jewelry so I make our bottle cap earring or vintage record jewelry, some days (ok most days on this one) I love to shop and find awesome vintage items or supplies at Thrift Stores, Yard sales or from friends. Our shop has become this great eclectic place to find treasures and our studio definite…

Easy Cooking

Freezer cooking, it is all the rage in homemaking right now! I only have 1 small freezer to work with so I don't have space for pre-made pans and typical pop it in the oven packages. We did store away 16 meals and some pancakes in the last week though and I am looking forward to having less prep in the kitchen in November. Here is a shot of my little stash...
I will start at the top left:

Veggie Soup
Pre-chopped cabbage, onion, carrots, and potato. This will go in the crock pot for 6-8 hours on low with a large can of tomato sauce and water to top it off, seasonings too.

Pork Stir fry
Pre-chopped carrot, cabbage, and onion and a baggie of cut and cooked pork. This one will get stir fried and go on rice.

Broccoli Beef Pasta
Chopped broccoli and cooked and cut beef in another baggie. This one is tossed with pasta when cooked.

Creamy Chicken Potato Soup
Cut potatoes and chicken. This will go in the crock pot for 6-8 hours with 2 cans of cream of chicken and water to top it off, seaso…

A Bed for Taylor

This week we have been learning about the french nobles and a little about the revolution. For some hands on time we made a 4 post bed for Taylor, Little Guy's little guy. It turned out great and Little Guy made sure all the details were just so. Here are some pics:

Reading Phone

While I was out on a fun ladies night we hit a great kids store...yes we went to a toy/teacher resource store for fun. While there I picked up a great reading tool. It is like a little phone. The kiddo speaks into it and the sound travels straight to their ear. It makes it so much easier for them to hear what they are sounding out when they read. I am so glad I picked it up because he has done significantly better at his reading in the last week since we got it.

On a side note, I was called by Little Guy's speech teacher and she said he has made huge strides sin the slightly less than a year he has been attending. The only sound he has left to work on is the "th" sound! We are really hoping it means he might be done soon. He likes being there but is a beast to get up in the morning to go and it cuts into our prime homeschool time. it is only 30 minutes, but you have to add in 20 minutes of bus time and at least another 30 minutes after to get his focus back and be ready…


Have you missed me? I have! Last Sunday I pulled into the driveway with our dog in the kid carrier. It hit the curb and flipped. The dog is fine, but I came out with a sprained right wrist. That means I can do very little, typing included. I did want to pop in and say hello though and share a bit of what we have been doing the last couple of weeks...

Holiday Showcase: The Crazy Elephant

The holiday showcase is back for another year! I will be honest, I almost forgot all about it! I'm glad I didn't though because I will be featuring some awesome handmade shops to help you with your handmade holiday. As usual I am starting with me, especially since there have been so many changes this last year.

Where can we find you?

What is life like in your studio?

Generally, I try to cut a series of pads, or what ever I am making that week, one afternoon a week. I get about 4 hours a week after little guy's bed time to do sewing, marathon style. I do my best to get about 20-25 listings up or restocked per week. I take care of my blog and online work to the sound of a 5 year old singing the Star Wars theme at the top of his lungs...very motivational!

What is your favorite giftable in your shop?

My favorite gift item in my shop this holiday is the penguin marble maze! They come in many prints but the one in the pic is…

Less is More

It started with debt and transformed into a lifestyle. My husband and I did not always live simply. We had the newest in technology and were up on all the latest movies. We were also swimming in debt, not just because of all the tech and movies either. We had also gone to an expensive private art school. We widdled away at our debt slowly for years. Then about 3 years ago we decided to go on a 1 year spending freeze, food, car maintenance, and utilities were excluded.

It was during this time that we discussed what we really needed. Cell phone? No. TV? No. Garbage service? No! At first it was kind of strange to have a basic land line, netflix and DVDs but no TV  and bringing in our own trash. Most people we talk to wouldn't dream of letting go of one of these, let alone all 3! It was all a happy 1 year sacrifice to reduce our debt, which would also mean my being able to stay at home with our young son.

Fast forward to the present...our 1 year without spending long over. We still ha…