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World Travels: Introduction

Welcome to the first installment of World Travels! This all came about from our desire to do Little Passports, but with more freedom as to what countries we learn about and when. I am posting some of the material on the blog so that others can also enjoy the work I put into them. They might as well get more use than just one use at our house. The "packages" I send my little guy will include a letter from Delbert and Dinah, a photo, a flag sticker from the country they are visiting for his passport, and some fun souvenirs. If you haven't done anything like this before, you should know that we also have a map to locate the country, a small suitcase to put all these goodies in, and a play passport. Those would be great items to add to this first package. My normal set up will be letter first, then the picture, then notes about what we are doing such as souvenirs, activities, ect. My little guy already knows we are doing this and has the basics from his Little Passports from…

Art, School, and the End of the Year

We have been having a blast doing lots of pintrest inspired artwork this month! I even got Little Guy to let me paint his hand, a big step for a kiddo that doesn't like anything messy. We have been off of school for the entire month and it is going well. I continued to write down anything "school" related we did over our break, and if you look at the list it hardly looks like a break at all.

We have done many art projects, advent devotionals, read tons of books, and Jayne even read a few stories to me to keep up on practice. We also did some research on goblin sharks after reading about them in one of his picture books. You can see our favorite goblin shark video below.

It is only a few days till Christmas and it has been a huge month for us! Honestly, it has kind of felt like some sort of crazy dream between good news, bad news, and just good old fashioned fun. This year is certainly going out with a bang. The biggest event for us is our upcoming missionary activities…

Exciting News

Yesterday was an exciting day in the Morgan home! We have had missionary work on our minds for a while now but weren't sure about the next step we should take. Honestly  we were a little nervous about it because we felt like contacting anyone would mean leaving home and uprooting soon. Due to a quick e-mail with a few questions about how things work and about a certain missionary position, we got a call from Reach Global yesterday! Adam was on the phone with him for a long time, so I knew that it was going to result in something more than just answering a few questions. Here is what happened...
The rep felt like we would be a great fit as media producers! Either for a large portion of Europe with our home base in Amsterdam, or For the 20 missionary families working in Berlin. We sent in our preliminary forms and will be attending the next training seminar where we will learn more about being a missionary, what position we will work best with, and the fine art of raising funds. Onc…

Thoughts and Prayers

What do you even say on a day like this...We do not have any cable channels and I tend to just do work on the computer. Suddenly on Facebook there comes post after post about something terrible that has happened. One of my friends made sure to leave a link and now I am in the loop, not that it is a happy place to be. I have been praying for the families involved in this horrific shooting. I can't even begin to imagine what they are going through!

This kind of news is so hard to process. We are already living in a country where people keep to themselves and avoid strangers. Stories like this can only heighten our fear of others. Not a mother in this country will send their child to school on Monday morning without a twinge in their heart, because you just don't know, you just don't. For our family there is only one reason that we won't worry as the number of "safe" places diminishes and that is God. We are confident in our faith! We know that even if the unthi…

Keeping Busy

I have learned a very valuable lesson this month. School time is indescribably important to my little guy. We are taking the month off for the holidays and it has resulted in awful behavior. I have put quite a bit of focus into my growing shop and other household duties. I didn't realize just how much he needs that 1 on 1 time with me each day. Of course, once I figured out what was going on, I made sure to get back to giving him most of my day. We have both been much happier for it too.

Wednesday was birthday night at Awana. We spent some time making homemade birthday hats to wear. They were so easy to make with half a paper plate and were held on with alligator clips.

Pintrest will be helping me quite a bit with craft ideas for our winter break. This snow globe craft is one of them. All you need is a plastic bag, cut up paper, and 2 plates. We have been doing coloring pages and getting through lots of books too. All our moods have been lifted and now our "educational things…

St Nicholas Day

St. Nicholas day was simple but fun! We did stockings and spent the day playing new apps and watching movies. it was a much needed break in our house, even if Adam had to work.
Little Guy got 3 hard cover Magic Tree House books (fantastic find at the local thrift store), the Veggie Tales St. Nicholas movie for the kindle, and the Tizzy Seasons app. He was so excited he couldn't even talk. He just kept staring at all the goodies.

Later in the day I stumbled across an app called Go Go Kiddo. It was on sale for $.99 and so I got it, even though the file is huge. I am so happy I did! It is a fantastic app. There are game, jokes, videos, and even a mini piano. I also really liked that it was made by a couple who are also parents. It really got me thinking too. I would love to do a christian based app, because there are so few and most aren't done well. Seeing another couple making an app and of such high quality inspired me to start fleshing out my idea. We'll have to see where…

Odds and Ends

Today is St. Nicholas Day! Did you know that this is the day Santa used to come? Well, at our house that is what is happening and so today's post was scheduled in advance so that we could enjoy our holiday and you can check out some of the stuff I never got around to last month...


I did a review of Everyday Emmanuel a while back now and thought I would share our calendar. It cost less than $1 to make! We used wrapping paper that we already had as the back and the pockets are made of envelopes. We had a lot of fun making it! It is filled with fun things to do and learn about. Little Guy is really looking forward to making Pepperkaker (Swedish gingerbread cookies). We also put the magnets from our Christmas tree countdown magnet in the pockets. It has been a great way to focus our holiday. We want Jesus to be the focus of our Christmas, and this is helping a lot. Christmas is all about Christ after all!

So far we have learned about advent, who Santa was, played board games together, and made hot chocolate.

Turkey Trot

Can you believe it is December already!? I haven't even had a chance to talk turkey yet! Our family did the Turkey Trot at Grace Church (our church) on Thanksgiving again this year and it was so much fun. Last year there were around 350 people trotting and this year we more than doubled at around 750! There were so many people! They played Charlie Brown Thanksgiving specials in the sanctuary before the trot started and it was a big hit with Little Guy. The weather has been fantastic every year since it started last year. We walked, we chatted, and we built up an appetite for dinner. It was great and I highly recommend it. If you want to participate next year you can get more info at this link:

Window Quilts

I am going for it! I am making window quilts. I am even hand sewing the blocks, except 1 which is my seam allowance guide. It all started out with Adam running out of window plastic and saying, "I don't want to buy more, every." Well, I was ready with a solution  window quilts. Hand stitching is coming along quite slowly and I will switch to the machine when I need them done more quickly. At the moment I am just enjoying it as a leisure activity. Plus I have had the pieces cut for a quilt for my room for nearly 7 years and now they are finally getting put to good use!
I think they are going to be great! They will keep us from buying plastic and throwing it away every year, yay green! With the unseasonably warm weather we have been having occasionally  it also means that we can open the windows one day and have the winterized the next. That will be esspecially nice when spring comes around. You never know what the weather is going to be like in southern MN. They will look…

This is the Stuff

Here is a great video for your Sunday! What a good reminder that God uses all the little annoyances in life to help shape us. Enjoy this song as you look for your keys to head out the door this morning.

Egyptian Dig

Jayne really enjoyed November's Little Passports package! He got Egypt and Sam and Sophia sent him a pyramid excavation kit. I have seen these in the store before and thought it might be a 5 minute project. As it turns out, it took us about 30 minutes to dig out the little quarter sized trinket. Those little buggers are really hard and the tools that come with it are not designed for cracking it at all. We had so much fun working on it though and by the end all 3 of us were digging at it, between photos. Little guy was so proud of our effort when he was finally holding his mini Sphinx!